Family Ties


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I thought that some introductions would be a great second post. I’ll start off with the children, but just a warning- it could be a long post. Those three small humans are what my world revolves around, and I could talk about them for days.


J is my seven year old daughter. She is shockingly gorgeous with big blue eyes and long blond hair. She is also slightly wild, and has been scaring me close to death since she was moving around on her own. The way she speaks always amazes me….it’s like talking to a tiny, sarcastic adult. J has been struggling in school since Kindergarten and unfortunately her teacher that year blew me off and refused to acknowledge the very obvious problem. Thankfully her 1st grade teacher was AMAZING and helped any way she could, but our public school system is just awful. Our school district does not have a psychologist so they will not test for many learning disabilities, especially dysphonetic dyslexia, which is what I’m sure she has. I have the option of taking her to the Children’s hospital that’s about an hour and a half away this summer, which if at all possible is what I am trying to do. She is so bright. SO SMART. Yet she struggles to read even the most simple words. She has all the skills necessary to be a great reader, but she can’t seem to put them together and use them appropriately. More on this sadness later.


D is my six year old son. He wowed his preschool teachers to the point that we are now close friends, because they refused to lose touch with him. He basically taught himself to read during preschool, and has continued to improve almost totally on his own since then. Standardized testing at kindergarten this year had him at a second grade, 3 month level the last I knew. Of course, the school system also refused to offer him any sort of help, either. He was bored right off the bat this year, and bullied almost the entire year through. Imagine a child coming from a small preschool where EVERYONE loved him and encouraged him, going into a bigger school where kids were allowed to bully him, teachers ignored his needs, and even picked out every time thing he needed to improve on, while ignoring how amazingly bright he is. I fought the district all year long about having him tested for giftedness, or at least changing some things to keep him interested, all to no avail. At last I was told that they COULD test him, but would not do anything about the results until second grade. D is an old soul. He feels everything so deeply. He’s sensitive, caring, dramatic, and just a great little person. Yet he’s being slowly ruined by a system that doesn’t care.


JD is my 10 year old step-son. I have been a part of his life since he was a year old. His mother is probably the worst excuse for a human being that ever existed, and I’m not just saying that. Filth, starvation, and harsh physical punishments are the games she plays. The last nine years have been a stressful struggle for all involved. It has not been easy. I’ve watched him grow from a sweet pudgy boy into an overly medicated, rebellious, hateful, confused big kid. It breaks my heart. A year long custody battle did nothing but ensure that we actually have real visitation rights, even though she uses those against us even now. Honestly, the most I can say about JD is how afraid for him I am. The path he walks right now leads nowhere good. The people he is exposed to 95% of the time are not good people. Jail, drugs, theft….these are things celebrated and often joked about. It’s coming down to the point now that J and D are learning things from him that make me so angry. I do not want them repeating or even knowing half of these things. I wish I could protect JD from them, as well, but it’s out of my hands.

Well, that would be the children. I’ll move on to their father.

M is my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together for 10 years. He is really your basic backwoods country boy, right down to his Red Wing workboots and sleeveless t-shirts. When he’s not working or pestering me he’s hunting, fishing, woodworking, or fiddling with some sort of engine. Is that rural enough for you? 🙂 He’s a really fantastic person. We are total opposites from each other, but we’ve almost grown up together, so we fit together perfectly in a strange way.

Now, the furry creatures that torture me daily.

Moo is my eight month old seal and white boxer. We bought her from an amish “breeder” in February. About a week later I dropped her off at the vet for spaying. The next morning they called me to inform me that she could not be spayed. She had such severe whip and roundworm infestations that they could do nothing until she was well. My pup was seriously ill, and I had never known it. AKC registered, shot and wormer record…and I had a sick dog. I was very angry, and also relieved that she was mine now. She is healthy and happy now, and loves jumping on the trampoline, thrashing around in the creek, and curling up next to me.

Hoss is my other eight month old boxer. He is white. I wanted a playmate for Moo, and I stumbled across a Facebook post for him. Of course, about a month after taking him in, I noticed his symptoms. Hoss had giardia. I spent out bunches of money for tests and treatments. He is like a brand new dog lately. So full of energy and love. Why can’t people take care of their puppies? It makes me so mad. Hoss is my best buddy, always near me whether sleeping or awake.

The feline friends are Lupin, Sirius, and Bellatrix. Sirius was a free kitten from someone nearby, Bellatrix was found on the street by my sister in law when she was so young that she barely had teeth. She was flea infested, skinny, and her eyes were totally matted shut. I was not sure she would live. Lupin was adopted from a lady recently diagnosed with cancer, who was sadly having to rehome all of her pets. All three Harry Potter kitties are now reaching or just at a year old, and are normal, healthy, crazy cats, loved most of all by J. Especially Sirius.

Cain is my big wildebeest of a dog. We drove forever away to adopt him as a small puppy. He has grown physically since then, but it would appear not mentally. Now near 100lbs he still thinks he is 8 weeks old. Not quite the gentle giant I was looking for, but loved all the same.

There you have it. These are the people and creatures I call my family. I balance working from home with taking care of each and every one of them. I am the primary caretaker to all. Feeding, bathing, vet/doctor visits, meds, cuddles, love…all up to me. Tiring and stressful at times, but rewarding in the end.

J napping with Moo and Hoss

Big Mr. Cain


Blogging it is.


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I like to think blogging will be a great way to put my ideas out there, share my thoughts and experiences, and maybe teach someone a thing or two. In reality, it will probably just be a way of talking to myself that looks slightly more sane to untrained eyes. 🙂

My goals for this blog will be to write about my experiences raising my kids, my pets, sometimes my husband, with a few crafty things thrown in between.

Some background info on who I am might be nice.

I’m 27, a high school drop out, and I am mother to two children of my own, and one step child. Ages 6, 7, and 10. I deal with the frustrations of having a child with learning disabilities, a gifted child, and a step-child with a mother that in no way deserves to have children.

My house is a petting zoo, housing two boxer pups that have made it their goal in life to destroy everything I cherish and love. They are Moo and Hoss. I also have a giant St. Bernard/ Lab named Cain, who loves to disobey every command except “sit”. There are three cats, all named after Harry Potter Characters, that basically are just decorations perched in random places around my home. Recently my husband thought a huge fish tank would also be nice, and there are random fish floating in there.

I crochet quite well and quite often. I am trying to learn other crafts, but they take away from the money and time I have for crochet, so it doesn’t happen very often. I enjoy photography, and am still trying to learn super awesome skills with it.

Look for new posts soon.